European Program: Activage

This initiative develops a wireless sensor system for monitoring elderly people’s daily activities and so helping them to increase their autonomy

Social Innovation Technology Urban Lab
30 January 17


The European Project ACTIVAGE on Smart Living for ageing well, in which the Departments for Innovation and Social Welfare of Valencia City Council takes part, develops a pilot programme that monitors constantly elderly people’s daily activities by using sensors and applications, and allows them to have more autonomy.

Delivery of e-mail informing about the status of elderly people living at home monitored by sensors and converted into text data to remote family members for them to allow checking

From a sample of approximately one thousand people over 65 who live or spend much time alone and with different levels of frailty prior to those of dependency, the project develops a system whereby wireless sensors are connected inside and outside their homes in order to follow continuously their activities.

The system constantly monitors the person in order to collect data to identify patterns and routine behaviours, which allows detecting deviations and significant changes. These deviations could be a symptom of some incidence, so early detection will help to organize a swift assistance.

InnDEA Valencia is the leading institution for the pilot project in the city. This pilot project involves different entities specialised in tele-assistance, home help, and social and health services for the elderly, as well as entities specialised in the field of technology that will make up the system of continuous monitoring.

The project will have many benefits: it will provide tranquility to users, support their mobility and autonomy, and improve caregivers’ work, so giving them peace of mind and information, as well as it will detect early physical and cognitive impairments.

It should be noted that the privacy of the elderly involved in the project and the data privacy will be strictly respected.

The EU will invest 25 million Euros in the project, of which 1,4 million Euros will be allocated to the city to implement the pilot project. Not only Valencia, but also Madrid, several towns in Galicia, cities and regions in France (Grenoble), Germany (Ober-Ramstadt), Greece (Attica, Central Greece and the Region of Macedonia), Italy (Emilia-Romagna), Finland (Espoo, Tampere and Turku) and in Great Britain (Leeds) are taking part in pilot projects.

The ultimate aim of this initiative is to increase the years of healthy and autonomous life of the EU citizenship, with an impact on the quality of life, the social welfare system savings and the promotion of local innovation.


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