Pacto Local por la Innovación

Innovation has an important role in the development of our city. For this reason, the Valencia Town Council promotes the Local Pact for Innovation through InnDEA. This initiative is based on cooperation and coordination and brings together the key players of the innovative ecosystem: universities, research centers, business associations and civil society.

The Pact was created in 2012 as a platform to enable coordinated and combined work. It also tried to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the encouragement of the R&D&I in the city. The aim was to provide an appropriate framework which helped to create new innovative initiatives and encouraged the synergy-generation as well as the optimization of resources between the entities within the business and academic world and the public administration.

Now, in this new phase started in 2016, the aim of the Pact is also to ensure the innovation as an engine of economic development and human progress of the city. The objective is to turn Valencia into a reference as a sustainable, balanced, inclusive, reachable and culturally active city. The Local Pact for Innovation is trying to transform the actual situation to improve the quality of life of people with a collaborative research that provides innovative solutions for the challenges facing the city.

For this reason, there are new entities incorporated in the Pact, having an special emphasis on those that come from the organized civil society. The signing ceremony of the new Local Pact took place on 21 November 2016 in Las Naves but any entity interested in joining please contact us in and we will explain you the procedures to be followed.

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