Pacto Local por la Innovación

Innovation plays an essential role in the city development. For this reason, the Valencia City Council, through InnDEA, promotes the Pacto Local por la Innovación” (Local Agreement for Innovation). The initiative is based on cooperation and coordination and brings together the key players in the innovation ecosystem: universities, research centres, business associations and civil society.

The aim is to turn the innovation into the engine of the social and economic development in Valencia and to make Valencia as an example of sustainable, equitable, inclusive, accessible and culturally active city.

The Local Agreement for Innovation is designed to transform reality in order to improve the quality of life of people by searching innovative solutions to the challenges facing the city. (If you are interested in the Pacte Local por la Innovación, you cand send a mail to


Entities members of the Pacto Local por la Innovación de Valencia

Photos PACTO LOCAL POR LA INNOVACIÓN Signing Ceremony (21st NOVEMBER 2016):

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