Grow Green

European Program: Grow Green

This initiative develops solutions based on the nature and actions which are related with the challenge of the climate change and sustainability.

Participation Sustainability Urban Lab
2 February 17

abstract-1751248_1280The initiative of the European project Grow Green is leaded by Valencia and three more cities – Manchester (UK), Wroclaw (Poland) and Bujan (China). This project searches and develops natural solutions that can give answers to the challenges and the necessities of the citizens of today. These actions are related with the challenges of the climate change and the sustainability. The project lasts 5 years and makes an investment of 3,8 million of Euros in the neighborhood of Benicalap.

These actions are established and developed by the four leader cities of the program (there are more cities that participate but they are followers) and they measure, analyze and evaluate themselves because their final objective is to copy and apply the projects in other cities.

The program is going to be carried out in the neighborhood of Benicalap and it will receive an important investment package which will help with its revitalization and exaltation.

The specific actions that are going to be realized in this frame have a double character: environmental and urban. On one hand the gardens around the Casino del Americano and l’Alqueria de la Torre are going to be restored. On the other hand the green spaces around the neighborhood are going to be defined and there will be a connection between them and the cities. Through these projects, the solutions for the sustainability like vertical gardens (in their traditional bottom-up form but also in their top-down design which will make use of the greywaters) are going to be investigated. Moreover there are expected actions like the management of the pruning to produce energy, the investigation of wind-induced natural ventilation methods (due to the different temperatures between the trees and buildings) or the creation of meeting spaces for growers and customer which is also known as the local food movement.

In this context, it is also planed the creation of a green corridor around L’Alqueria de Tormos to bring closer the approach of the forest and the urban area.

The project helps to speed up the expansion process of the Parque de Benicalap and to complete with an specific urban forest the north border of the city. The challenge of the forest’s area is the construction of a sustainable drainage system that allows to make the most of the rainwater trough a water harvesting system and then re-use it in the gardens or in the forest for irrigation and maintenance .

At the same time, as it is anticipated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, in the framework of the program Grow Green it is also encouraged the creation of new green routes in order to make easier the communication between the neighborhoods (in this case Benicalap and the center of the city)


The project Grow Green is an essential line of work in the European Union. Its development in Valencia helps to have access to resources, become part of the networks of exchange and acquaintance, obtain specific results and copy those in other cities and finally duplicate other cities’ outcomes here. Europe has faith in Valencia

In addition to the actions in the neighborhood, there is an specific line of the program that reinforce the participation of the citizens. It is related to the energy poverty and insists on a co-creation task to look for solutions with the help of neighborhood and civic associations, universities, companies, experts and the citizens in general. To achieve that, there are workshops and specific calls which are focused on finding natural alternatives.

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