Its main goal is the development of a tool simplifying the administrations’ tenders for the purchase of eco-friendly urban furniture.

17 May 16


The European project Future is coordinated by AIMPLAS and integrates the UJI (University of Castellón Jaume the 1st), AIJU, and Valencia’s City Hall through the InnDEA Foundation, as well as our European partners ACR+ and Koprivnika’s City Hall. Its main goal is the development of a tool simplifying the administrations’ tenders for the purchase of eco-friendly urban furniture.

Valencia and Koprivnika (Croatia) will test the GUF TOOL through the effective purchase of 200 pieces of urban furniture by their respective local authorities.

AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastic, has set up and will coordinate a European project whose main goal is the development of a tool encouraging urban sustainability. GUF TOOL is a platform allowing the administrations involved in the purchase of urban furniture to select the most sustainable pieces available.

This tool is addressed to the entities in charge of such purchase, and will guide them throughout the tender process, from the establishment of mandatory environmental criteria for their reports, to a comparative, environmental evaluation of each item to ensure an eco-friendly public procurement.

The impact of its use will be directly beneficial to our environment, since the implementation of this kind of sustainable products is estimated to reduce our contribution to global warming in 26,5%, energy consumption in 15,5%, and the resulting waste in up to 10,8%. Nevertheless, it will also be indirectly beneficial to European urban furniture manufacturers, since the demand of eco-friendly products will increase, and its competitiveness encouraged through eco-innovation.

Valencia and Koprivnika: two testing grounds

During the validation phase of the project public procurement procedures will be conducted to purchase at least 200 pieces of urban furniture. New acquisitions of 17.500 products are also expected for the 5 years subsequent to the end of the project. A Guide on “Green Public Procurement” will be prepared on the basis of the testing results, and applied by different councils to their future urban furniture purchases. This tool will be available both to the public administrations in charge of such procedures and to their suppliers.

This project, integrated in the LIFE Program of the European Union, will be coordinated by AIMPLAS, and is also counting on the participation of other entities such as AIJU, the University of Castellón Jaume the 1st, Valencia’s City Hall through the InnDEA Foundation, Koprivnika’s City Hall and the Urban and Regional Association for the Recycling and Sustainable Management of Resources (ACR+), whose headquarters are in Belgium.

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